871.conjugated hyperbilirubinaemia results from
B.Physiological jaundice
C.Excess production of bilirubin
D.Decreased hepatic uptake

872.Regarding hepatic failure
A.Occurs with the loss of functional liver capacity of approximately 60%
B.Encephalopathy is a result of increased ammonia formation
C.The liver is the predominant site of the synthesis of albumin

873.Regarding hepatitis C
A.Has a highassociation with sexual transmission
B.Transmission is increased in pregnancy
C.Greater than 50% become chronic

874. With regard to jaundice
A.Conjugated bilirubin causes kernicterus in adults
B.Unconjugated bilirubin does not colour the sclera
C.Unconjugated bilirubin is tightly bound to albumin
D.Unconjugated bilirubin produces bilirubin in urine
E.Conjugated bilirubin is tightly bound to albumin

875.Which of the following is true regarding rhabdomyolysis
A.It is caused by injury to smooth muscle
B.Its diagnosis depends on the presence of characteristic physical findings
C.The final common pathway of injury involves damage to the sarcolemma
D.Renal failure is due to acute glomerular nephritis
E.Occurs only in trauma

876.The most common cause of avascular necrosis of bones is
A.Radiation therapy
B.Caisson disease
D.Steroid induced necrosis
E.Venous hypertension

877.Regarding fracture healing
A.Conversion of the procallus to a fibrocartilaginous callus precedes haematoma organization
B.Osseous callus precedes the fibrocartilaginous callus
C.Almost perfect repair can be accomplished if the original weightbearing strains are restored
D.Speed and perfection of healing does not depend on the type of fracture
E.Comminuted fractures heal quicker than greenstick fractures

878.Which occurs first in fracture healing
A.Neutrophil invasion
B.Procallus formation
C.Woven bone ossification
D.Lamellar bone ossification
E.Collagen deposition

879.subchondral necrosis
A.is rarely idiopathic
B.is associated with diving injuries
C.rarely involves ischaemia

880. A50yo woman presents with back pain, Xrays suggest a malignant deposit in T10. The least likely primary would be