801. During acute inflammation, there is:
A. Increased blood viscosity
B. Slowing of circulation
C. Loss of laminar flow
D. White cell margination
E. All of the above

802. Which of the following mechanism of vascular leakage during acute inflammation is of rapid onset, short lived & reversible?
A. Endothelial contraction
B. Cytoskeletal & Junctional reorganization
C. Direct endothelial injury
D. Leukocyte mediated injury
E. All of the above

803. Role of white cells in acute inflammation include:
A. Ingestion of foreign antigen
B. Degrade necrotic tissue
C. Induce tissue damage
D. Prolongation of inflammation
E. All of the above

804. Leukocytic transmigration occur predominantly at the level of:
A. Artery
B. Arteriole
C. Venule
D. Veins
E. All of the above

805. Which of the following act as chemoattractants?
A. C5a
B. Lipopolysaccharide
C. Leukotriene B4
D. JL-8
E. All of the above

806. Chemoattractants acts to stimulate:
A. Actin & myosin assembly to enable cell movement.
B. Lysosomal degranulation.
C. Modulate leukocytic adhesion molecules
D. Arachidonic acid metabolism in leukocytes
E. All of the above

807. Which of the following pairing of injury & leukocyte is INCORRECT?
A. Viral infection – Lymphocytes predominates
B. Hypersensitivity reaction – Eosinophil predominates
C. Pseudomonas – Lymphocytes predominates
D. Pneumococcus – Neutrophil predominates
E. None of the above

808. Which of the following is a common opsonin?
A. Fab fragment of IgG.
B. C3b
C. Lipopolysaccharide
D. Laminin
E. None of the aboveĀ 

810. Phagolysosome has pH of:
A. 1-2
B. 4-5
C. 7.4
D. 8-9
E. None of the above