1091. Zinc deficiency is linked to all except______________.

A. Sexual infantilism
B. Growth retadation
C. Cardiomyopathy *
D. Immunological disturbance.

1092. Flea bitten kidney is seen in ______________.

A. Malignant hypertension *
B. Diabetic mellitus
C. Chronic glomerlonephritis

1093. Major fibril protein in primary amlyoidosis is ____________.

A. AL *
C. Transerythrin
D. Procalcitonin

1094. Leukocyte alkaline phosphatase is increased in all except____________.

A. Polycythemia
B. Myelofibrosis
C. CML *
D. essential thrombocytosis.

1095. Workers exposed to betanapthylamine are know to suffer from __________.

A. Cirrhosis
B. Hepatoma
C. Ca Bladder *
D. Ca scrotum.

1096. Pathophysological process involved in cardiac edema is ___________.

A. Increased hydrostatic pressure *
B. Increased oncotic pressure
C. Increased vascular permeability
D. Raised aldosterone.

1097. Rusty sticky sputum is characteristic of _______________.

A. Asthma
B. Acute bronchitis
C. Chronic bronchitis
D. Bacterial Pneumonia. *

1098. Aschoff’s giant cells are seen in ____________.

A. Rheumatic fever *
B. Reheumatoid arthritis

1099. anti GBM neptritis is best depicted in ____________.

B. Post streptococcal GMN
C. Good pasture’s syndrome *
D. IGA nephropathy.

1100. Migratory thrombophlebitis is most common with ________.

A. Ca Stomach
B. Ca Bronchus *
C. Malignant melanoma
D. Leukemia.