1041. Lacunar cells characterize which type of hodgkin’s disease________.

A. Nodular sclerosing *
B. Lymphoxcyte predominant
C. Lymphocyte
D. Mixed cellularity

1042. Apple jelly nodule in nasal septum is seen in _______________.

A. Lupus vulgaris *
B. Tuberculosis
C. Sclerema
D. leprosy

1043. Cytokeratin is a marker of ___________.

A. Carcinoma *
B. Sarcoma
C. Lymphoma
D. Naevus

1044. Complication of bronchiectasis are all except___________

A. Septicemia
B. Bronchial Cancer *
C. Lung abscess
D. Brain abscess

1045. Predominant constituent of hyaline membrane is ________.

A. Albumin
B. Fibrin *
C. Collagen
D. Surfactant

1046. Mallory hyaline is seen in all except________________.

A. Alcoholic Cirrhosis
B. Primary billiary cirrhosis
C. Wilson’s disease
D. Viral hepatitis *

1047. Pale infarct is seen in all except ____________.

A. Lung *
B. Brain
C. Spleen
D. Liver

1048. Commonest lung cancer in non smoker is ________________.

A. Adenocarcinoma *
B. Small cell cancer
C. Large Cell cancer
D. Squamous carcinoma.

1049. All are decreased in nephritis is _____________.

A. Albumin
B. Transferrin
C. Caruloplasmin
D. Fibrinogen *

1050. Salt losing nephritis is ___________.

A. Diabetes
B. Interstitial nephritis *