241. In leucopenia, which cell type is predominantly involved ?
A. Erythrocytes
B. Granulocytes
C. Eosinophils
D. Monocytes

242. Gingiva are enlarged in leukemia because of__________________?
A. Capillary dilation
B. Erythrocyte engorgement
C. Edema
D. WBC infiltration

243. A patient reports with dyspnoea on slight exertion. He also has multiple petechial spots and spontaneous hemorrhage. His RBC count is less than one lakh/mm3 His hematocrit and hemoglobin is low. Most probable diagnosis is______________?
A. Pernicious anemia
B. Thalassemia
C. Aplastic anemia
D. Sprue

244. Intrinsic factor for absorption of Vit B12 secreted in ______________?
A. Duodenum
B. Stomach
C. Intestine
D. Ileum

245. Pallor, spoon shaped nails, atrophic glossitis, with accompanied dysphagia is typical picture of ______________?
A. Plummer – Vinson syndrome
B. Trotters syndrome
C. Vincent stomatitis
D. None of the above

246. Increase in number of RBC is seen in ____________?
A. Neutropenia
B. Leukemia
C. Polycythemia
D. Anaemia

247. Hemophilia is best treated by _____________?
A. dried freeze plasma
B. factor VIII concentrate
C. Whole blood
D. cryoprecipitate

248. Torniquet test is function of________________?
A. Platelet function
B. capillary fragility
C. Intrinsic pathway
D. Extrinic pathway

249. Reliable screening test for hemophilia is_______________?

250. Normocytic, Normochromic anemia is seen in______________?
A. Hemolytic anemia
B. chronic disease
C. Acute blood loss
D. All of the above