Pathology is a branch of medical science that involves the study and diagnosis of disease through the examination of surgically removed organs, tissues (biopsy samples), bodily fluids, and in some cases the whole body (autopsy). Academic tasks provide 3000+ basic and advanced levels of pathology MCQ with answers. In this section, we focus on all areas of MCQs on pathology subject and cover all important topics of pathology like Primary Cardiovascular, Primary Cellular, Primary Endocrine And Renal, Primary Cellular Pathology, Cell Injury, General Pathology, Organ System Pathology, Atherosclerosis-Thrombosis, Embryology, Neoplasia, Nutrition, Transfusion Medicine, Coagulation – and much more. All these topics are chosen from trusted and best reference books on biochemistry. These biochemistry MCQs are also helpful for the preparation of interviews, entrance examinations, other competitive examinations, and certifications for all Experienced, Freshers and Students. Also, check MCQs on Oral Histology here.

91. Which of the bacteria resembles fungus____________?

A. Mycobacterium leprae
B. Actinomyces israeli
C. Mycobacterium bovis
D. All of the above

92. Kviem’s test is diagnostic test for_________________?

A. Actinomycosis
B. Diphtheria
C. Tuberculosis
D. Sarcoidosis

93. Inflammation is characterized by________________?

A. Transudation -> exudation -> oedena
B. Oedema -> exudation
C. Exudation -> transudation -> oedema
D. Only by exudation -> oedema

94. Example of ganulomatous inflammation_____________?

A. Sarcoidosis
B. Leprosy
C. Tuberculosis
D. All of the above

95. Highly infection stage of syphilis______________?

A. Primary
B. Secondary
C. Tetriary
D. Congenital

96. Lymphocytosis is seen in______________?

A. Fungal infections
B. Viral infections
C. Bacterial infections
D. Protozoal infections

97. The predominant cells after 48 hours of inflammation are_____________?

A. Monocytes
B. Macrophage
C. Neutrophils
D. A and B

98. Lepra cells seen in leprosy are_____________?

A. Lymphocytes
B. Plasma cells
C. Vacuolated Histocytes
D. Neutrophils

99. Serum sickness syndrome is_____________?

A. A transplant immunity
B. An anaphylactic shock
C. Systemic arthus reaction
D. None of the above

100. Enzymes responsible for suppuration are derived chiefly from_____________?

A. PMN’s
B. Lymphocytes
C. Monocytes
D. Eosinophils