1051. Commonest malformation is baby born to diabetic mother is __________.

A. Esophageal artesia
B. Renal agenesis
C. Neural tube defect
D. Congenital heart disease *

1052. Lease common complication of fibroid uterus is ______________.

A. Malignancy *
B. Hyaline degeneration
C. Red degeneration
D. Calcification.

1053. Bronchopulmonary dysplasia seen in _____________.

B. Barotrauma
C. Prematurity
D. All of the above *

1054. Macrocaytic anemia is seen in all except_____________.

A. Orotic aciduria
B. B12 Deficiency
C. Copper Deficiency *
D. Liver disease

1055. Proximal convolted tubule necrosis occurs with which poisoning…

A. Arsenic *
B. Alcohol
C. Ethylene glycol
D. Organophosphorus.

1056. In NHL, the most malignant form is ________________.

A. Diffuse larege cell *
B. Follicular large cell
C. Small Cell

1057. Most radio sensitive stage is ________________.

A. G2M *
B. G
C. S
D. G2

1058. Bony metastasis is uncommon with cancer of __________.

A. Lung
B. Breast
C. Testis *
D. Prostate

1059. Mycosis fungoides affects______________.

A. T Cells *
B. B Cells
C. NK Cells
D. Macro phages.

1060. Tennis racket cells characterise_________________.

A. Seminoma
B. Leiomyoma
C. Sarcoma botroyides. *

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