641. All of the following organisms cause a clinical effect via the production of an exotoxin except
A. Clostridium tetani
B. Staphylococcus aureus
C. E. coli
D. Pseudomonas aerugenosa
E. Vibrio cholera

642. Select the true statement concerning atherosclerosis
A. Congenital absence ofLDL cholesterol leads to premature atherosclerosis
B. Thoracic aorta is more likely to be involved than the abdominal
C. Fatty streaks appear in the aortas of children as young as 1 year
D. Fatty streaks are destined to become atherosclerotic plaques
E. Endothelial disruption always precedes atheroma development

643. Select the false statement concerning atherosclerosis
A. Familial hypercholesterolaemia is associated with inadequate hepatic uptake ofLDL
B. CMV has been detected in human atheromatous plaques
C. Fibrous atheromatous plaques are capable of regression
D. Foam cells can be considered to be specialised macrophages
E. Atherosclerosis is associated with medial calcific sclerosis

644. An infectious complication of transfusion
A. Is most commonly Hepatitis C
B. Is most commonly Hepatitis B
C. Is rarely transmission of HI V since screening was instituted
D. Never includes gonorrhoea or malaria
E. Can be clinically apparent mononucleosis in about 7% of cases

645. Which of the following is true concerning rhabdomyolysis
A. It is caused by injury to smooth muscle
B. Its diagnosis depends on the presence of characteristic physical findings
C. The final common pathway of injury involves damage to the sarcolemma
D. Renal failure is due to acute glomerular nephritis
E. Occurs only in trauma

646. Neutrophilia is generally caused by all of the following except
A. Inflammatory disease
B. Bacterial infection
C. Viral infection
D. Corticosteroids
E. Stress

647. Which of the following is true of chronic myeloid leukaemia
A. Most common leukaemia
B. Decreased leukocyte alkaline phosphatase level
C. Usually occurs in patients less than 40 years old
D. Increased WBC count with an abnormal differential
E. Rarely associated with the Philadelphia chromosome

648. All of the following are cardiac compensatory responses that occur in heart failure except
A. Cardiac muscle fibre stretching
B. Increased adrenergic receptors on cardiac cells
C. Chamber hypertrophy
D. Decreased heart rate
E. Increased vasopressin levels

649. Shock in bum patients is primarily due to
A. Neurogenic factors
B. Hypovolaemia
C. Acute erythrocyte haemolysis
D. Myocardial depression factor
E. All of the above

650. The immediate lethal dose of radiation exposure for humans in a non-mass casualty situation is
A. 50 rads
B. 150 rads
C. 250 rads
D. 350 rads
E. 450 rads

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