1101. Herring bone pattern is classically seen in ______________.

A. Rhabdomyosarcoma
B. Fibro sarcoma *
C. Astrocytoma
D. Meningioma

1102. Calcification is most pronounced in ________________.

A. Medulloblastoma
B. Oligodendroglioma *
C. Astrocytoma
D. Meningioma

1103. Staghorn calculus is chemically composed of ___________.

A. Calcium Oxalate
B. Calcium Phosphate
C. Magnesium ammonium phosphate *
D. Cacium Carbonate

1104. Endomyocardial fibrosis can be de to deficiency of ____________.

A. Magnesium *
B. Manganese
C. Copper
D. Iron

1105. Hepar lobatm is feature of _______________.

A. Wilson’s disease
B. Post necrotic cirrhosis
C. Syphilis *
D. Actinomycosis

1106 Pathological change in adrenogetial syndrome is hperplasia of ___________.

A. Zona fasiculata
B. zona Glomerulosa
C. Zona reticularis *
D. all of the above

1107. Alkaline phosphatase level rises in all except___________.

A. Obstructive jaundice
B. Osteoblastic bone disease
C. Multiple mycloma *
D. Hepatoblastoma

1108. Not a content of atheromatous plaque is ___________.

A. Cholesterol
B. Myoepithealial cells *
C. Foamy macrophage
D. Fibroblasts.

1109. Sago spleen is seen in ____________.

A. Amyloidosis *
B. Syphilis
C. Malaria
D. Leukemia

1110. Pattern of amyloid in chronic haemolysis is _______________.

C. B2 micro globulin *
D. Prealbumin.

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