991.vascular hyperaemia
A.is caused by inflammatory mediators
B.results in cyanosis
C.results in oedema
D.results in brown induration

992.The histological appearance of contraction bands in association with MI indicate
A.Previous old MIs
B.Early aneurysmal formation
C.Compensatory responses to decreased myocardial contractility
D.Right ventricular infarct
E.Recent reperfusion injury

993.In reversible cell injury all are true except
A.ATPdepletion is responsible for acute cellular swelling
B.Can cause myocardial cells to cease contraction within 60 seconds
C.ATPis generated anaerobically from creatine phosphate
D.Mitochondrial swelling and degranulation of ERare hallmarks of irreversible cellular injury
E.Is associated with myelin figures

A.Occurs after partial hepatectomy
B.Refers to an increase in the size of the cells
C.Is always pathological
D.Often occurs in cardiac and skeletal muscle
E.Usually progresses to cancerous proliferation

995.Metastatic calcification
A.Causes widespread tissue damage
B.Occurs with normal calcium levels
C.Can be caused by systemic sarcoidosis
D.Occurs in hypothyroidism
E.Is caused by drinking large quantities of milk

996.Which is incorrect in regards to apoptosis
A.It may be regarded as a normal physiological process
B.It is characterized by chromatin condensation
C.It often elicits a strong inflammatory response
D.It is the process by which ovaries atrophy in post-menopausal women
E.It is characterized by cell shrinkage

997.Coagulative necrosis
A.Results from necrosis in which cellular enzymatic digestion predominates over denaturation
B.Is characterized by marked WBCinfiltrate
C.Is uncommon after mi
D.Usually occurs after irreversible ischaemic cellular damage
E.Is not usually seen in association with caseating necrosis

998.Anaplasia is not characterized by
B.Abundant nuclear DNA
C.A nuclear : cytoplasm of 1 : 6
D.Coarsely clumped chromatin
E.Lack of differentiation

A.Is usually stimulated by hypoxia
B.Produces a moderate degree of inflammation
C.Features chromatin aggregates
D.Is the underlying process in caseous necrosis
E.Is stimulated by decreased cytosolic calcium

1000.Irreversible cell injury is characterized by
A.Dispersion of ribosomes
B.Cell swelling
C.Lysosomal rupture
D.Cell membrane defects
E.Nuclear chromatin clumping