981.Regarding cell injury, mechanisms to inactivate free radical reactions involve
B.Glutathione peroxidase
C.Transition metals (iron and copper)
E.UV light

982.With regard to chemical mediators of inflammation
A.Are derived solely from plasma
B.Leukotrienes are preformed mediators
C.NO results in vasodilation
D.Source of serotonin is leukocyte
E.Histamine results in vascular leakage

983.Regarding wound healing
A.Strength at the end of the first week is 50%
B.Myofibroblasts contribute to wound contraction
C.Epithelial closure in healing by primary intention occurs after the 3rdday
D.Macrophages are the 1stcells involved in healing
E.Collagen deposited early in granulation tissue is type I

984.Regarding chronic inflammation which is false
A.It can be caused by persistent infection
B.It can be caused by prolonged exposure to toxic agents
C.It involves mononuclear inflammatory cells
D.It may contribute to the formation of atherosclerosis
E.It primarily involves tissue destruction

985.vascular changes in acute inflammation include
A.slowing of circulation leading to WBC marginisation
B.initial transient vasodilation of arterioles
C.decreased hydrostaticpressure caused by vasodilation
D.leakage of high-protein fluid into vessels
E.increase osmotic pressure within vessels

986.Wound healing
A.Occurs by secondary intention in surgical wounds
B.Is accelerated by glucocorticoids
C.Achieves maximal wound strength at 2 weeks
D.Does not depend on site or size of wound
E.Occurring by secondary intention involves abundant granulation tissue

987.WBC extravasation occurs in the following order
A.Activation, rolling, transmigration, adhesion
B.Rolling, activation, adhesion, immigration
C.Adhesion, rolling, activation, transmigration
D.Rolling, activation, adhesion, transmigration
E.Transmigration, adhesion, activation, rolling

988.with regard to wound healing
A.macrophage infiltration occurs at 24 hours
B.wound strength is 25% of normal by end of the 1stweek
C.type I collagen is replaced by type III collagen
D.neovascularisation is maximal at day 5
E.all of the above

989.concerning the repair of a well opposed clean surgical wound
A.there is an initial inflammatory response
B.15% of original tissue strength is attained at 1week
C.granulation tissue does not occur
D.new collagen begins to accumulate after the 1stweek
E.dermal appendages destroyed by the incision usually recover

990.The first thing to occur in acute inflammation is
B.Increase permeability