1062. Homer wright rosettes are common to _______________.

A. Retino Blastoma
B. Neuro Balastoma *
C. Medullo Blastoma
D. Wilm’s Tumor.

1063. Asbestosis is usually related to which of cancer of lung ?

A. Large cell *
B. Small Cell
C. Meso thelioma
D. Squamous carcinoma

1064. The polyp with highest malignancy potential is ______________.

A. Metaplastic Polyp
B. Tubular Villous adenoma *
C. Adenomatous polyp
D. Pseudo polyp.

1065. Epithelioid cell is a modified________________.

A. Lymphocyte
B. Macro phage *
C. Eosinophil
D. Mast cell.

1066.Russel bodies are seen in______________.

A. B Cells
B. CD4 Cells
C. CD8 Cells
D. Plasma cells *

1067. Major basic proein is dervied from _____________.

A. Eosionphile
B. Basophil
C. Mastercell
D. Neutrophil *

1068. Tumors of endothetial origin include all except______.

A. Glomus tumor
B. Chordoma *
C. Haemangioma
D. Lymphangiomaa

1069. Gamma gandy podies are seen in spleen in all except_____________.

B. Cirrhosis with portal hypertension.
C. Sickle cell anemia
D. Thalassemia *

1070. Most common renal lesion in diabetes mellius is ____________.

A. Papillary necrosis
B. Fibrin cap in glomerulous
C. Nodular thickening of basement membrane. *
D. Diffuse thickening of basement membrane.

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