321. In sickle cell anemia there is_____________?
A. 75 to 100% hemoglobin
B. 10 to 20% hemoglobin
C. 20 to 30% hemoglobin
D. 50 to 60% hemoglobin

322. The fading of cellular chromatin is_____________?
A. Karyolysis
B. Karyorrhexis
C. Pyknosis
D. Cytolysis

323. Auto immune hymolytic anemia is seen in_______________?

324. Which of the following predisposes to thrombogenesis ?
A. Endothelial injury
B. Stasis of blood
C. Turbulence of blood
D. All of the above

325. Active hypermia is seen in_______________?
A. Muscles during exercise
B. Inflammation
C. Blushing
D. All of the Above

326. An infarct is most frequently is characterized by What type of necrosis ?
A. Fatty
B. Caseous
C. Gangrenous
D. Coagulative

327. Partial or complete obstruction of some part of the C.V.S by a foreign body transported by the blood stream is termed as_____________?
A. Thrombosis
B. Coagulation
C. Ischaemia
D. Embolism

328. Caissons disease is caused by______________?
A. Amniotic fluid embolism
B. Hyper coagulability
C. Air or gas embolism
D. Tumour embolism

329. In a thrombus, the dark lines of zahn are due to_______________?
A. Coagulated fibrin
B. Aggregated proteins
C. Aggregated platelets
D. Aggregated R.B.C

330. Nut meg liver occurs in_______________?
A. Jaundice
B. Chronic venous congestion
C. Cirrhosis
D. Hepatocellular carcinoma


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