911.concerning ATN
A.ischaemic tubular necrosis is uncommon after haemorrhagic shock
B.rhabdomyolysis is not a cause
C.casts are found in the loop of Henle
D.nephrotoxic causes are associated with a poorprognosis
E.cephalosporins are not a causative agent

912.renal calculi
A.most commonly associated with hyperuricaemia
B.usually have a bacterial nidus
C.are rarely radio-opaque
D.are a cause of sudden death in cystinuria

E.are associated with decreased nephrocalcin in the urine

913.In nephrotic syndrome, which is true
A.Albumin is lost, other globulins unaffected
B.Hypertension present
C.Alteration to serum lipid levels
D.Sodium and water excretion

914.In the diagnosis of renal hypertension
A.60% cases of renovascular hypertension are due to fibromuscular dysplasia
B.malignant hypertension only occurs in patients with previous hypertension
C.onion skinning is proportional to the degree of renal failure

915.ischaemic ATN is associated with
A.tubular cast obstruction
B.maintenance stage with polyuria
C.predominantly proximal necrosis
D.intact basement membrane
E.distal necrosis only

916.regarding ATN
A.its associated with hyperkalaemia not hypokalaemiain recovery
B.non-oliguric has a better chance of recovery
C.its associated with ischaemic cortical cells
D.80% are associated with anuria

917.regarding the hepato-renalsyndrome
A.it is irreversible
B.one loses the ability to concentrate urine
C.urine has a high sodium concentration
D.the urine is hyperosmolar
E.the favoured theory of its generation involves increased renal blood flow

918.The humancell membrane
A.Is a phospholipid trilayer
B.Has the fatty acid radicals on its outer edge
C.Is permeable to alcohol
D.Is permeable to glucose
E.All of the above

919.The peripheral proteins of the cell membrane
A.Act as ion channels
B.Act as enzymes
C.Act as co-transporters
D.Act as hormone receptor types
E.Generate the negative charge of the cell membrane

920.The golgi apparatus
A.Is closely related to the ER
B.Forms peroxisomes
C.Contains oxidases to form hydrogen peroxide
D.Contain a large number of ribosomes on their outer surface
E.Is contained within the ectoplasm