1011.Which of the following is an example of hypertrophy
A.Increase in liver size after a partial hepatectomy
B.Increase in the size of the female breast
C.Increase respiratory epithelium in response to Vit Adeficiency
D.Increase in size of the female uterus in pregnancy

1012.Regarding fatty change, which is false
A.May result from protein malnutrition
B.Fatty acids are oxidized in the mitochondria
C.May result from diabetes mellitus
D.May represent unmasking of normal cell fat content

1013.Metastatic calcification occurs in
A.Old LN
B.Gastric mucosa
C.Atherosclerotic vessels
D.Damaged heart valve

1014.concerning atherosclerosis
A.congenital absence of LDL cholesterol leads to premature atherosclerosis
B.thoracic aorta is more likely to be involved than abdominal
C.fatty streaks appear in the aorta of children as young as 1 year old
D.fatty streaks are destined to become atherosclerotic plaques
E.endothelial disruption always precedes atheroma development

1015.concerning atherosclerosis, which is false
A.familial hypercholesterolaemia is associated with inadequate hepatic uptake of LDL
B.CMV has beendetected in human atherosclerotic plaques
C.Fibrous atheromatous plaques are capable of regression
D.Foam cells can be considered to be specialized macrophages
E.Atherosclerosis is associated with medial calcific sclerosis

1016.All of the following are cardiac compensatory responses that occur in heart failure except
A.Cardiac muscle fibre stretching
B.Increased adrenergic receptors on cardiac cells
C.Chamber hypertrophy
D.Decreased heart rate
E.Increased vasopressin levels

1017.The commonest site of Berry aneurysm in the circle of Willis is
A. Junction of anterior cerebral and anterior communicating artery
B. Junction of middle cerebral and internal carotid
C. Bifurcation of basilar artery
D. The middle cerebral artery
E. Junction of the posterior cerebral and the posterior communicating artery

1018.Regarding haemorrhagic infarction of the brain which is incorrect
A.It usually results from an embolic event
B.It usually contains multiple petechial haemorrhages which may be confluent
C.The distinction between this and non-haemorrhagicinfarcts is clinicallyinsignificant
D.The haemorrhages are presumed to be secondary to reperfusion injury
E.The size of it will depend in part upon the collateral blood supply to that area

1019. Dissecting aneurysm of aorta is caused by___________.

A. Atherosclerosis
B. Syphilies
C. Cystic medial necrosis *
D. Marfan’s syndrome

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