391. Which of the following timing of events in coronary artery occlusion is WRONG?
A. Onset of anaerobic glycolysis occurs within seconds
B. Loss of myocardial contractility occurs within 60seconds
C. A TP is completely depleted by 10 min
D. Irreversible cell injury occurs by 20-40 minutes
E. None of the above

392. The most common complication of AMI is
A. Acute pulmonary oedema
B. Cardiogenic shock
C. Thromboembolism
D. Arrhythmia
E. Rupture of free wall or septum or papillary muscle

393. Which of the following statement is TRUE?
A. Cardiogenic shock occurs when> 40% of LV is infarcted.
B. Risk of myocardial rupture is greatest at D4-7 post AMI
C. Overall mortality rate of AMI in 1 st year is 35%.
D. Pericarditis tends to occur at D2-3 post AMI.
E. All of the above

394. Ventricular fibrillation post AMI is due to:
A. Local hyperkalaemia in the ischemic area
B. Sympathetic reflexes
C. Establishing new prolonged conduction pathway, and so increase risk of re-entry arrhythmia
D. Membrane potential of ischemic area is more negative than normal area
E. All of the above

395. Highest risk for regional dilation & rupture occurs in:
A. Anterior AMI
B. Posterior AMI
C. Subendocardial AMI
D. Right ventricular AMI
E. All of the above

396. Highest risk for serious conduction block occurs in:
A. Anterior AMI
B. Posterior AMI
C. Subendocardial AMI
D. Right ventricular AMI
E. All of the above

397. % Water concentration in a normal cell is:
A. 40-55%
B. 55-70%
C. 70-85%
D. 85-90%
E. None of the above.

398. Which of the following statements regarding cellular protein is TRUE?
A. Structural proteins are mainly arranged in form of long filaments.
B. Protein composes of 10-20% of the cell mass
C. Globular proteins are the enzymatic proteins
D. Enzymes are often soluble in cellular fluid or is part of or adhere to the cell membrane.
E. All of the above.

399. Which of the following statement is FALSE?
A. Carbohydrate gives the overall +ve charge to cell membrane surface.
B. Cell membrane composed of lipid & protein.
C. Cell membrane is relatively impermeable to water soluble substances
D. Cholesterol controls the fluidity & degree of permeability of the cell membrane to water soluble molecules
E. None of the above

400. Which of the following pairing is FALSE?
A. Rough endoplasmic reticulum – protein synthesis
B. Smooth endoplasmic reticulum – lipid & enzyme synthesis
C. Golgi apparatus – packaging of peroxisomes
D. Lysosome – contain hydrolase enzymes
E. Peroxisomes – contain oxidases.