1081. Longerhans cells are _______________.

A. Antigen presenting *
B. Phagocytic
C. Antibody screeting

1082. Gittre cells are ________________.

A. Astrocytes
B. Oligodendrocytes
C. Modified CNS macrophages *

1083. Most malignant potential is of ___________.

A. Superficial naevus
B. Compound naevus
C. Juntional naevus *
D. intradermal naevus.

1084. During induced SLE is associated with___________.

A. Anthistone antibody *
B. Anti ds DNA antibody
D. Anti smooth muscle anti body.

1085. Firm warty vegetations along line of valve closure are seen in ___________.

A. Libmansacks endocarditis
B. Marantic endocarditis
C. Rheumatic endocarditis *
D. Infective endocarditis.

1086. cANCA is found in ___________.

A. Wegner’s gronulomatosis *

1087. Characteristics triad of amyloidosis is _____________.

A. Congophilic, Fibrillary beta pleated sheath *
B. Congophilic PAS positive beta pleated sheath.
C. Congophilic PAS negative beta pleated sheath.

1088. Secondary granule of neutrophil contains______________.

A. Catalase
B. Lactoferin *
C. Hyaluronidase.

1089. Russel bodies are seen in ______________.

A. Breast tumor
B. Plasmacytoma *
C. Choriocarcinoma.

1090. Teratogenicity is linked to deficiency of ______________.

A. Vitamin A *
B. Vitamin D
C. Vitamin E
D. Vitamin K