1131. Endometrium involutes by the process of _________________.

A. Autolysis
B. Apoptosis *
C. Lysis
D. Necrosis

1132. Coagulation factor sythesized by mcaro phage______________.

A. Prothrombin
B. Thromoboplastin *
C. Hageman factor
D. Fibrinogen.

1133. During acute inflammation immediate vascular permeability involves________.

A. Arteriole
B. Vennule *
C. Capillaries
D. All

1134. Zenker’s degeneratin is found in ____________.

A. Cardiac muscle
B. Striated muscle *
C. Smooth muscle
D. Neurone

1135. Nephrotic syndrome can be manifestation of ______________.

A. Pyelonephritis
B. Amyloidosis *
D. Nephrosclerosis

1136. Factor VIII is produced by ___________.

A. Hepatocytes
B. Platelets
C. Endothelium *
D. Lymphocytes

1137. Type I neuro fibromatosis can be associated with ___________.

A. Meningioma *
B. Bilateral acoustic neuroma
C. Ependymoma
D. Cleft palate

1138. NHL, diffuse larege cell type belongs to _____________.

A. Low grade
B. Intermediate grade *
C. High grade

1139. Amyloid associated AA protein is synthesized in _______.

A. Hepatocytes *
B. Plasma Cells
C. Fibroblasts
D. Endothelium

1140. The important change in blood vessel in malignant hypertension is __________-.

A. Fibrinoid necrosis *
B. Hyalinization
C. Fibrosis
D. Medial Hypertrophy.