231. Caseation necrosis is suggestive of________________?
A. Tuberculosis
B. Sarcoidosis
C. Leprosy
D. Midline lethal granuloma

232. Synthesis of DNA occurs in which phase ____________________?
A. G1
B. S
C. G2
D. M

233. True statement about primary amyloidosis _________________?
A. It is more common in heart, skin and skeletal tissue
B. In 70% of cases don’t have any associated disease
C. In 50% of cases have some form of plasma cell dyscrasias such as multiple myeloma
D. All of the above

234. In Hodgkin’s disease the lymphoa cells seen are__________________?
A. Eosinophilis
B. Plasma cells
C. Reed-sternberg cells
D. Giant cells

235. Which of the following is commonly involved in multiple myeloma_______________?
A. Clavicle
B. Vertebrae
C. Pelvis
D. Lungs

236. Hyper segmented neutrophils are seen in_________________?
A. Megaloblastic anemia
B. Iron deficiency anemia
C. Thalassemia
D. Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

237. Christmas disease is due to deficiency of________________?
A. Factor IX
B. Factor X
C. Factor VIII
D. Factor V

238. Both beta chains of haemoglobin are abnormal in_________________?
A. Heterozygous sickle cell trait
B. Thalassemia major
C. Homozygous sickle cell anemia
D. Megaloblastic anemia

239. In iron deficiency anemia there is_________________?
A. Decrease in hemoglobin
B. Increase in hemoglobin
C. Increase in palatelets
D. Decrease in platelets

240. Hemophilia_______________?
A. Affects males and females equally
B. Increased clotting time in all patients
C. Nerve blocks can be given safely
D. Is a congenital disorder