1021. Excudate iin reheumatic fever is ____________.

A. Serous
B. Fibrinous *
C. Purulent
D. Myxomatous

1022. Secretion of cortisone is highest in ______________.

A. 6 AM – 8 AM *
B. 8 AM -10 AM
C. 6 PM – 8 PM
D. 8 PM – 10 PM

1023. Pseudolymphoma occurs with_______________.

A. Phenytoin
B. Phenobarb
C. Carbamazepine *
D. Valporate

1024. Markers of ovarian tumour of epithelial origin is _______.

B. CA125 *
C. Alfafetoprotein
D. Fibronection

1025. Most common lung malformation is ____________.

A. Hypoplasia
B. Cyst
C. Vascular anomaly *
D. Sequestration

1026. Serum alkaline phophatase is usually normal in ___________.

A. Osteomalacia
B Paget’s disease *
C. Multiple myeloma
D. Hyper parathyroidism

1027. Bronchogenic cysts commonly occur in _______________.

A. Superior mediastinum
B. Posterior Mediastinum
C. Carina *
D. Lung Periphery

1028. Sequesterd lung lobe is commonly supplied by ___________.

A. Pulmonary artery
B. Intercostal artery
C. Descending aorta *
D. Bronchial artery

1029. FNAC is helpful for following thyroid disease except___________.

A. Anaplastic carcinoma
B. Papillary Carcinoma
C. Follicular carcinoma *
D. Throiditis

1030. Morphologic evidence of metastasis in pheochromocytoma is _____________.

A. Pleo Morphism
B. Mitosis
C. Vascular invasion *
D. Increased nuclear size