1031. Flea bitten kidney is seen in all except___________.

A. Maligant hypertension
B. Infective endocarditis
D. Diabetes mellitus. *

1032. The protein in glomerular basement membrane responsible for charge dependent filtration is________.

A. Albumin
B. Type IV collagen
C. Proteoglycan *
D. Fibronectin

1033. Which of the following binds to free hemoglobin in plasma_________.

A. Albumin
B. Prealbumin
C. Haptoglobin *
D. Ceruloplasmin

1034. Lepra cell is a __________.

A. Monocyte
B. Histiocyte *
C. Eosinophil
D. Neutrophil

1035. Thymoma is associated with all except___________.

A. Pure red cell aplasia
B. Myasthenia gravis
C. Hypergammaglobulinemia *
D. SVC compresssion

1036. Touton giant cell are seen in ______________.

A. Xanthoma *
B. Neurofibroma
C. Sarcoidosis
D. hodgkin’s disease

1037. Concentric LV hypertrophy occurs in ____________.

A. Hypertension *
C. Aortic incompetence
D. None of the above

1038. Gingival biopsy is helpful in diagnosis of __________.

A. Amyloidosis *
B. Sarcoidosis
C. Scurvy
D. Each of the above

1039. Grossly pigmented liver is seen in ________________.

A. Gilbert syndrome
B. Criggler Najjar syndrome
C. Dubin Johnson syndrome *
D. Rotor Syndrome.

1040. Lipoprotein x is increased in ___________.

A. Hypercholesterolemia
B. Primary biliary cirrhosis *
C. Indian Childhood cirrhosis
D. Alcoholic cirrhosis.