A.occurs commonly with HIV
B.causes spontaneous bleeding at levels less than 90000/mm3
C.occurs with hyposplenism
D.is related to platelet survival in paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria
E.is not associated with megaloblastic anaemia

A.causes decreased megakaryocytes
B.stimulates EPO production
C.causes leukoerythroblastic anaemia

963.a preformed mediator of inflammation is
D.nitric oxide

964.IL -1 causes
B.Decreased sleep
C.Decreased PG synthesis
D.Increased collagen synthesis
E.Decreased WBC adherence

965.With regard to the role of complement in the acute inflammatory response, which is false
A.C5a is a powerful chemotactic agent for neutrophils
B.C5a increases WBC adhesion to endothelium by activating WBC
C.C3a and C5a are call anaphylatoxins because they cause mast cell degranulation
D.C3a activate the lipoxygenase pathway in WBC
E.C3 and C5 can be activated in inflammatory exudates by lysosomal enzyme

966.Granulomatous inflammation
A.May sometimes be a component of the acute inflammatory response
B.Indicates the presence of TB
C.Consists, in part, of microscopic aggregates of transformed lymphocytes
D.Is always associated with the presence of giant cells
E.May result from non-immune mechanisms

967.Removal of sutures from a wound at 7 days coincides with a wound strength of
A.1% of unwounded skin strength
B.10% of unwounded skin strength
C.50% of unwounded skin strength
D.75% of unwounded skin strength
E.100% of unwounded skin strength

968.In acute inflammation, which is false
A.There is contraction of endothelial cells
B.There is a mononuclear infiltrate
C.There is induction of adhesion molecules on endothelium
D.There is production of arachidonic acid metabolites
E.Cytokines induce a systemic acute phase response

969.Cellular events in acute inflammation include all except
A.Redistribution of preformed adhesion molecules to the cell surface of WBC
B.Adhesion and transmigration of WBC to endothelium
C.WBC activation
D.Margination of macrophages to vessel wall
E.Extracellular release of lysosomal enzymes and products of arachidonic acid metabolism

970.With regard to the WBC extravasation of the acute inflammatory response, which is false
A.ELAM-1 is a selectin found on endothelium
B.E and P-selectins bind to oligosaccharides found on neutrophils and monocytes
C.L-selectin is found on neutrophils, monocytes and lymphocytes
D.ICAM-1 belongs to the immunoglobulin family of molecules and is found on leukocytes
E.VCAM-1 binds to integrins

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