891. What is the nature of the hypergeometric random variable x?
A. Continuous.
B. Discrete.
C. Both (a) and (b).
D. none of these.

892. Which of the following experiment that results in one of the two mutually exclusive outcomes on each trail?
A. Binomial process
B. Bernoulli process.
C. Hypergeometric process.
D. Poisson process.
E. None of these.

893. Which of the following rule of counting that is used to calculate a hypergeometric probability?
A. Combination.
B. Permutation. 

C. Both.
D. None of these. 

894. What is the relation between mean variance in hypergeometric distribution?
A. Mean=Variance.
B. Mean>Variance.
C. Mean<Variance.
D. None of these.

895. Which of the following values is used as a summary measure for a sample, such as a sample mean?
A. Population parameter
B. Sample parameter
C. Sample statistic
D. Population mean

896. Which of the following is a branch of statistics?
A. Applied statistics
B. Mathematical statistics
C. Industry statistics
D. Both A and B

897. The control charts and procedures of descriptive statistics which are used to enhance a procedure can be classified into which of these categories?
A.Behavioural tools
B. Serial tools
C. Industry statistics
D. Statistical tools

898. Which of the following can also be represented as sample statistics?
A. Lowercase Greek letters
B. Roman letters
C. Associated Roman alphabets
D. Uppercase Greek letters

899. To which of the following options do individual respondents, focus groups, and panels of respondents belong?
A. Primary data sources
B. Secondary data sources
C.Itemised data sources
D. Pointed data sources

900. What are the variables whose calculation is done according to the weight, height, and length known as?
A. Flowchart variables
B. Discrete variables
C. Continuous variables
D. Measuring variables