481. The object of Index number also determines its _______________?

A. Index Number
B. Special purpose
C. Reliable
D. Scope

482. An Index number which measure the change of a _____ is called Aggregative 1. No?

A. Industrial activity
B. Retail price
C. Cost of living
D. Goods consumed

483. Single number which shows ___________ changes in a phenomenon is called an Index Number?

A. Overall
B. Same
C. Variation
D. Capable

484. Link relative = ________________?

A. Pn/Po x 100
B. Pn/Po x 100
C. Pn/ Pn-1 x100
D. Pn/P1 x 100

485. The weighty system changed with _______________?

A. Yearly
B. Basely
C. Timely
D. Averagely

486. The Index number are used to measure seasonal and cyclical variations in ____________?

A. Wholesale
B. Relatives
C. commodities
D. Time series

487. Consumer price Index Number also called _________ is designed to measure changes?

A. Cost Living Index number
B. Whole Sale Index number
C. weighted Index Number
D. Consumer Index Number

488. An Index number of an average quality of wheat in Lahore__________ Index?

A. Volume Index Number
B. value Index Number
C. Quantity Index Number
D. Weighted Index Number

489. G.M. between __________ is called to be Fisher’s Index Number?

A. Paasche’s Index Number
B. Marshall and Laspeyr’es
C. Laspeyre’s and Paasche’s
D. Fisher and Paasche’s

490. Average calculated used in index number by __________ method?

A. Three
B. Two
C. Four
D. One