1051. The only continuous variable here is :

A. Rain fall on different days in a city *
B. The number of people who enter a store on various days
C. Number of flights landing on an airport on different days
D. Number of rotten eggs in a tray of 24 eggs

1052. Which of the following is not a merit of the census method ?

A. Results are representative
B. Information on rare events
C. Results are reliable
D. Inappropriate method for enumeration *

1053. Weight of students in a class is :

A. Discrete variable
B. Qualitative variable
C. Continuous variable *
D. Constant

1054. Questionnaire method is used for collecting the :

A. Primary data *
B. Published data
C. Secondary data
D. None of these

1055. Census gives us :

A. Primary Data
B. True Data *
C. Secondary Data
D. None of these

1056. Understudies isolated into various gatherings as per their knowledge and orientation will create :

A. Quantitative data
B. Continuous data
C. Qualitative data *
D. Constant

1057. Statistics should be capable of :

A. Empiricism
B. Systematic inquiry
C. Comparison *
D. Evaluation

1058. What characteristics does statistics emphasis as a method or as a singular noun?

A. Descriptive *
B. Analytical
C. Inferential
D. Comparative

1059. According to Lincoln L Chao the primary objective of modern statistics is :

A. Presentation of data
B. Summarization of data
C. Collection of quantitative data
D. Assisting in making decisions *

1060. _____ guides from the planning stage to the stage of drawing of final conclusions :

A. Numerical facts
B. Statistical methods *
C. Data
D. All the above