1041. Which one of the following is not a categorical variable?

A person’s gender: Whoever you are
B. Age of a person *
C. Selecting a test item: true or false?
D. Marital status of a person( married,single,or divorced )

1042. In computing descriptive statistics from grouped data:

A. Data values are regarded as occurring at the class’s midpoint *
B. The result of the grouped data is more accurate than the class’s middle point.
C. Only when a population is being analyzed are the grouped data computations used.
D. Each of the preceding responses is accurate
E. None of the previous responses are correct.

1043. Statistic is one of those sciences which are only indicative of a trend, therefore :

A. It is probabilistic than deterministic *
B. It is deterministic than probabilistic
C. A definite data collection method is unnecessary
D. Data sources should be clear

1044. The definition of various terms, units of collection and measurement help ensuring that :

A. Analysis is easy
B. Method is systematic and empirical
C. Construction of conclusion is easy
D. Data relevant to the purpose *

1045. The prominent meaning of statistics:

A. Data, Its analysis and interpretation *
B. Observation of samples
C. Method for analysing numbers
D. Conducting census

1046. Which characteristics of the following is not belonging to ” statistics as a method ?

A. A tool of analysis
B. Helps processing the raw
C. Descriptive nature *
D. Processing done by systematic analysis and interpretation

1047. What does statistics of distribution indicates ?

A. Consumer preference
B. Strength of the desire people
C. Wealth of nation
D. Economic conditions of people *

1048. What is the reason for the necessity of statistics in the field of social sciences ?

A. Simplification and quantitative approach *
B. Knowledge acquisition and description
C. Easiness and analytical
D. All of the above

1049. (I) Statistical laws are not exact
(II) Statistics reveals the entire story

Choose the correct option by analysing the given statements

A. Both the statements are correct
B. The first statement alone is true *
C. Only the second statement is correct
D. Both the statements are wrong

1050. Which of the following is not a per requisite for studying procedure for using statistical methods ?

A. Being a scholar in Mathematics *
B. Knowledge of nature of variables
C. Knowledge of types of measurement
D. Knowledge of theory of probability