1181. _______ is drawn on the basis of cumulative frequencies :

A. Histogram
B. Cumulative frequency polygon *
C. Frequency polygon
D. Graphs

1182. If the mid-point of rectangles in a histogram are connected by a series of lines that also touches the x-axis from both ends , the resultant will be :

A. Frequency Curve *
B. Frequency polygon
C. Historigram
D. Ogive

1183. Which of the following is not the type of frequency curves ?

A. Frequency polygon *
B. The extremely skewed frequency curve
C. The symmetrical frequency curve
D. The U shaped frequency curve

1184. Which graph is made by plotting the midpoints and frquencies ?

A. Ogive
B. Frequency polygon *
C. Histogram
D. Frequency Curve

1185. _______ show is especially helpful when the imminent perusers are non-specialized individuals or overall population :

A. Graphic *
B. Table
C. Qualitative
D. Quantitative

1186. ______ is a graphical presentation of the relationship between two variables :

A. An ogive
B. A histogram
C. Either an ogive or a histogram , contingent upon the kind of information
D. A scatter diagram *

1187. In a disperse graph a line that gives an estimate of the connection between the factors is known as :

A. Approximation line
B. Trend line *
C. Line of zero intercept
D. Line of zero slope

1188. Data arrangement in ascending or descending order :

A. Group Data
B. Ungroup Data
C. Raw Data
D. Array Data *

1189. In computing descriptive statistics from grouped data :

A. Information esteem are treated as though they happen at the midpoint of a class *
B. The grouped data result is more accurate than the ungrouped result
C. The gathered Information Calculations are utilized just when a populace is being examined
D. None of these alternatives is correct

1190. The midpoint of a class is obtained by :

A. Adding upper and lower limits
B. Dividing the difference of upper and lower limits by two
C. Adding upper and lower limits and dividing it by two *
D. By Deducting the upper limit from the lower limit