841. ______________ is a part of population selected for study.
A. Sample
B. Parameter
C. population
D. Statistic

842. The formula for obtaining arithmetic mean of first n numbers is
A. n(n+1)/2
B. n(n-1)/2
C. n/2
D. (n+1)/2

843. ______________ is the combination of probability assessment and monetary consequences for making business decision.
A. Statistical inference
B. Statistical Decision theory
C. Statistical description
D. None of these

844. ___________ is the most suitable method for calculating average increase in population.
A. Mean
B. Median
C. G.M
D. H.M

845. A descriptive measure of a sample is called ________________
A. statistics
B. Parameter
C. Variable
D. Sample

846. if deviation is taken from ______________ the sum of deviation of observation is zero.
A. Geometric Mean
B. Mode
C. Median
D. Arithmetic mean

847. For representation of the distribution as a whole by calculation of central value is called measure of _________
A. Kurtosis
B. Skewness
C. Central tendency
D. Dispersion

848. We compute ______________, if the values in a series are not of equal importance.
A. weighted mean
B. Harmonic mean
C. Mean
D. Median

849. Measurement of a chance that an uncertain event will occur is:
A. A trail
B. An Experiment 

C. A probability
D. An Event

850. Ifp(A)=0, then P(B/A is ________
A. undefined
B. 1
C. Zero
D. None of these