631. Range is the difference between largest and ___________?
A. Lowest
B. Smallest
C. Biggest
D. Middlest

632. Data which have not been arranged in systematic order is called___________?
A. Group data
B. Tabular data
C. Raw data
D. Undefined data

633. Frequency table is an arrangement of data by classes together with their _______ class frequencies?
A. Terms
B. Alternate class
C. Same class
D. Corresponding class

634. A time series is an arrangement of data according to __________________?
A. Place
B. Yearly
C. Time
D. None

635. Technical & Trade Journals are the source of ___________ data?
A. Primary
B. Secondary
C. Ungroup data
D. Group data

636. Class _________ is the difference between two class limit?
A. Boundary
B. Class mark
C. None of these
D. Class interval

637. There are ________ important bases of classification?
A. Two
B. Four
C. Three
D. Five

638. The process of systematic arrangement of data in rows and columns is called ___________________?
A. Classification
B. Tabulation
C. Frequency
D. Frequency distribution

639. The class ___ are obtained when we divide the sums of the lower and upper class limits by 2?
A. Limit
B. Points
C. Marks
D. Class boundary

640. Cumulative frequencies are_________________?
A. Increasing
B. Non- increasing
C. Decreasing
D. None of these


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