411. Binomial distribution is symmetrical when:_________________?

A. p = q
B. p > q
C. p > q
D. np > npq

412. The variance of binomial distribution is always:________________?

A. Less than mean
B. Equal to mean
C. Greater than mean
D. Equal to standard deviation
E. None of these

413. Binomial distribution has parameters:______________?

A. Three
B. Two
C. One
D. Four
E. None

414. Binomial distribution is negatively skewed when:__________________?

A. p=0
B. p>1/2
C. p=1/2
D. p=1/3

415. The mean, median and mode for binomial distribution will be equal when:______________?

A. p= 0.5
B. P 0.5
D. p = 1
E. None of these

416. Variance of binomial distribution is always:______________?

A. Less than mean
B. Greater than mean
C. Equal to mean
D. Less than equal to mean

417. In a binomial distribution, n = 20 and p = 3/5, then variance of this distribution ______________?

A. 60
B. 12
C. 4.8
D. 0

418. if in a binomial probability distribution mean and variance are 6 and 2.4 respectively, then the parameters of this distribution are:____________________?

A. n = 10, p = 6/10
B. n = 50, p = 6/50
C. n = 10, p = 3/5
D. n = 10, p = 2/5

419. Which of the following is not a condition of the binomial distribution ?

A. Only 2 possible outcomes
B. Have constant probability
C. Must have at least 3 trials
D. Trials must be independent

420. The successive trials are with replacement in:________________?

A. Hypergeometric distribution
B. Binomial distribution
C. Geometric distribution
D. None of these