1131. The systematic presentation of statistical data in vertical columns and horizontal rows according to a subject classification is known as a _______.

A. Graph
B. Table *
C. Map
D. Diagram

1132. The numerical information in a statistical table is called the :

A. Table
B. Source note
C. Body *
D. Foot note

1133. In a factual table the column headings are alluded to as :

A. Source note
B. Stubs *
C. Body
D. Captions

1134. The names of column headings in the statistical table are:

A. Stubs
B. Source note
C. None of these
D. Captions *

1135. Using a/an, qualitative data can be represented graphically:

A. Histogram
B. Ogive
C. Frequency polygon
D. Bar graph *

1136. In a school of business administration, 15% of the students major in economics, 20% in finance, 35% in management, and 30% in accounting. These data can be presented using the following graphic tools:

A. A line graph
B. Only a pie chart
C. Only a bar graph
D. Both a reference diagram and a pie outline *

1137. Type of Bar diagram is :

A. Pie diagrams
B. Bar diagrams *
C. Line diagrams
D. Pictograms

1138. The value are represented by identical symbol or pictures :

A. Bar charts
B. Pictograms *
C. Circle charts
D. Graphs

1139. The most common method for presenting economic and business data is:

A. Pie Diagrams
B. Bar Diagrams *
C. Line Diagrams
D. Pictograms

1140. The values are represented by identical symbol or pictures:

A. Bar charts
B. Pictograms *
C. Circle charts
D. Graphs