1071. A teacher of measurements got some information about their ages in a class. The professor asserts that the average age of all university students is 21 years old on the basis of this information. An illustration of:

A. A census
B. An experiment
C. Descriptive statistics
D. Statistical inference *

1072. A is a numerical value that is used as a summary measure for a sample, like the sample mean:

A. Population parameter
B. Population mean
C. Sample parameter *
D. Population mean

1073. ________ Variables are the variables whose values theoretically could fall anywhere between adjacent scale units :

A. Continuous *
B. Dichotomous
C. Discrete
D. Nominal

1074. Which of the following is application of statistics in Psychology ?

A. Construction and standardization of psychological tools
B. Coming to conclusions from surveys or experiments
C. Proper application and interpretation of research findings
D. All of the above *

1075. Which of the following reason for misuse of statistics ?

A. Data can be manipulated
B. Figures can be used to mislead readers
C. Figures are convincing
D. All of the above *

1076. Statistical methods help a researcher for which of the following ?

A. Making the procedure definite and exact
B. Summarizing results
C. Drawing general conclusion
D. All of the above *

1077. Which level of measurement is required for the median ?

A. Nominal
B. Ratio
C. Ordinal *
D. Interval

1078. The measurement scale is as follows when data are labeled to identify an elemental attribute:

A. Ordinal *
B. Nominal
C. Ratio
D. Interval

1079. If a scale consists of a set of categories that cannot be arranged in rank order then it is :

A. Ratio scale
B. Ordinal or ranking scale
C. Interval scale
D. Nominal scale *

1080. IF a scale has an absolute zero then it is :

A. Ratio Scale*
B. Ordinal or ranking scale
C. Interval scale
D. Nominal scale