1021. The goal of _______ is to focus on summarizing and explaining a specific set of data :

A. Inferential statistics
B. Descriptive statistics *
C. None of the above
D. All of the above

1022. In a sample of 1200 students in a university 19% are agriculture majors. Based on this information .The college’s paper reported thatn 19% of all the students at the university are agriculture majors .” This report is an example of :

A. A population
B. Statistical inference
C. A sample
D. Descriptive statistics *

1023. What is the main objective of descriptive statistics ?

A. To test population properties
B. Making estimate *
C. To describe the data we collected
D. To infer something about the population

1024. Non -measurable characteristics of data are called :

A. Variables
B. Attributes*
C. Features
D. None of these

1025. Measurable characteristic of data are called :

A. Variables *
B. Attributes
C. Features
D. Characteristics

1026. A population in statistical terms is the totality of things under consideration .It is the collection of all values of _______ that is under study.

A. Instance
B. Amount
C. Variable *
D. Measure

1027. A variable is any characteristic which can assume _______ values .

A. Different *
B. Fixed
C. Similar
D. Assumed

1028. The colours of automobiles on a used car lot is classified as :

A. Quantitative data
B. Continuous data
C. Qualitative Data *
D. None of the above

1029.. Qualitative observations of elementary units are called :

A. Variables
B. Data
C. Attributes*
D. Strata

1030. Nationality of a person is :

A. A Variable
B. A Discrete variable
C. An Attributes *
D. None of these