521. The frequency distribution mean > Median > Mode is called __________?

A. Negatively
B. Symmetrical
C. +vely
D. One

522. which is poor measure of dispersion in open-end distribution ________________?

A. Quartile- deviation
B. Semi-inter quartile range
C. Range
D. None of these

523. If y= bx + c the range of y is ________?

A. Range of P
B. Quartile of X
C. Range of x
D. Zero

524. If y= ax + b the S.D. of y is _______________?

A. Mean Deviation of x
B. Minimum
C. S.D. of x
D. Maximum

525. The lack of uniformity is called ______________?

A. Lack
B. variation
C. X= 5
D. Skewness

526. Second moment about mean is always equal to _____________?

A. S.D.
B. C.V.
C. Variance
D. Square

527. The measure of relative dispersion is called __________________?

A. Quartile deviation
B. Mean dervation
C. Mean coefficient
D. Coefficient of quartile Deviation

528. Quartile deviation is not capable of manipulation______________?

A. Easy
B. mathematically
C. Abjectly
D. Algebraic

529. In symmetrical distribution, the co-efficient of skewness is equal to ______________?

A. -1
B. +1
C. 0
D. None of these

530. __________ of the distribution which is measured relative to the distribution known as Normal?

A. Skewed
B. Flatness
C. Normal
D. Moment