611. When in a frequency distribution the maximum frequency occur at one end, then the frequency curve of such distribution is ________________?
A. J- shaped
B. U- shaped
C. Bell- shaped
D. V- shaped

612. ________ paper is needed to show the graphs of frequency distribution?
A. Ordinary
B. Graphs
C. Photo
D. Chart

613. For a given class 30-44 the midpoint will be ________________?
A. 30
B. 34
C. 37
D. 35

614. Data classified by many _______ said to be Quantitative?
A. Characteristic
B. Categories
C. Affinities
D. Attributes

615. The headings for various columns are said to be ________________?
A. Portions of column
B. Vertical column
C. Column table
D. Column caption

616. _______are used to represent data classified on qualitative?
A. Vertical bars
B. Simple bar
C. Horizontal bars
D. Pie chart

617. The difference between the upper and lower class boundaries of a class are know as _________________?
A. Class interval
B. class mark
C. class frequency
D. Mid point

618. A source note foot are the _______________?
A. Top
B. Bottom
C. Same
D. Different

619. data classified by methods are called __________ data?
A. Row data
B. Grouped data
C. Quantitative data
D. Geographical
E. None of these

620. Any data collected by the investigator personally from the informants are called __________ data?
A. Primary
B. Unofficial
C. Group data
D. None of these