491. This index measure the change from month to month in the cost of a representative ‘basket’ of goods and services of the type bought by a typical household?

A. Laspeyres Price Index
B. Financial time Index
C. Paasche Price Index
D. Retail Price Index

492. The Laspeyres price index_____________?

A. Regards the base year quantities as fixed
B. Regards the base year price as fixed
C. Regards the current year quantities as fixed
D. non of these

493. The formula ∑pnqn/poqn x100 is used to calculate?

A. The Laspeyres price index
B. The Paasche price index
C. The Paasche quantity index
D. The Laspeyres quantity index

494. In a symmetrical distribution mean, median and mode, _________________?

A. Positive
B. Greater
C. Less than
D. Coincide

495. The A.M. is greater than mode is equal to ______________?

A. +vely
B. Skewness
C. Negatively
D. zero

496. Volume index in Marshall is _______________?

A. ∑pn(Po + Pn)/ ∑pn (Po + Pn)
B. ∑qn(qo + qn)/∑qn(po + pn) x100
C. ∑pn(qo + qn)/∑pn
D. ∑qn(Po + Pn)/ ∑qo (Po + Pn) x100

497. Base year quantities are used as weights in _______________?

A. Laspeyre’s index
B. Paasche’s index
C. Fisher’s index
D. None of these

498. Fisher’s ideal index number is also obtained by _______________?

A. Taking A.M. of Laspeyre’s and Paasche’s index
B. Taking G.M. of Laspeyre’s and Paasche’s index
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. None of these

499. An index number is used______________?

A. To measure changes in quantity
B. To measure changes in price
C. To measure changes in a variable over time
D. To measure changes in demand

500. A simple aggregate quantity index is used to______________?

A. Measure the change in quantity of product
B. Measure the overall change in price of a range of products
C. Measure the overall change in quantity of range of product.
D. Measure the change in price of a product