811. Standard deviation of 5,5,5,5,5 is equal to
A. unity
B. 8
C. 2
D. zero

812. One-half the difference between the third and first quartile is called __________
A. Mean deviation
B. Quartile deviation
C. standard deviation
D. Coefficient of quartile deviation

813. ___________ is the central value of an array data.
A. Mean
B. median
C. mode
D. Harmonic mean

814. When deviations are taken from median sum of absolute deviation of the value is_______________
A. Zero
B. Minimum
C. Maximum
D. more than zero

815. It is impossible to find ____________ if the values have same numbers in a series.
A. Median
B. mode
C. Mean
D. weighted mean

816. A distribution having two modes is called
A. Symmetrical
B. Bi modal
C. Multi modal
D. uni modal

817. If mode is greater than mean then the distribution is
A. symmetrical
B. positively skewed
C. Negatively Skewed
D. None of theseĀ 

818. The relation between mean, median and mode for a unimodal distribution is _________________
A. mean >median>mode
B. mean<median<mode
C. Mean=median=mode
D. mean<median>mode

819. Which mean is use for calculating average rate of debt growth for a company ?
A. Arithmetic mean
B. Weighted mean
C. Harmonic mean
D. Geometric mean

820. Which one from the following average is suitable for qualitative data?
A. Median
B. mode
C. Mean
D. weighted mean