571. Average is good if it is easy to ____________?

A. Change
B. Capable
C. Understand
D. Clear

572. Quartiles, deciles are located from an ogive in a way________________?

A. Mode
B. G.M.
C. Median
D. Quarlities

573. G.M. are set of ā€˜nā€™ values product of the nth roots of the ______________?

A. Given value
B. All +ve, -Ve value
C. Zero reject
D. None of these

574. If any value in the data is negative, then it is impossible to calculate _______?

A. A.M.
B. Mode
C. H.M.
D. G.M.

575. The sum of deviations of observations is zero, when deviations are taken from __________?

A. Mean
B. Median
C. Mode
D. None of these

576. If any value in the data is zero, then which of the following average vanishes ______________?

A. A.M.
B. G.M.
C. Mode
D. None of these

577. Which of the following is not based upon all the observations _________?

A. A.M.
B. G.M.
C. H.M.
D. Mode

578. Harmonic mean cannot be calculated if any one of the values in the data is _____________?

A. Zero
B. Negative
C. Positive
D. All sign

579. Median is always central value even if the data is _______?

A. Unassigned
B. Arranged
C. Continuous
D. Discrete

580. G.M. of 2,4,8 is ______?

A. 6
B. 4
C. 14/3
D. 8