601. In a standard normal distribution z = 0 corresponds to _____________?

A. Mean
B. S.D.
C. M.D.
D. Q.D.

602. As the normal distribution is symmetrical, its mean, median and mode are:____________?

A. Coincide
B. Not equal
C. Different

603. The maximum of function is at_______________?

A. X = σ2
B. X = µ
C. X = µ + σ
D. X = 0

604. If β1 = 0 it means the distribution is _______________?

A. Symmetrical
B. + vely skewed
C. -vely skewed
D. Non of these

605. P95 means _____?

A. The central 95% area
B. The point above above which95% area lies
C. The point above below which 95% area lies
D. Both (a) and (b) but not (c)

606. In normal distribution Q.D. ( quartile deviation)is equal to________?

A. σ
B. 0.7979 σ
C. 0.6745 σ
D. None of these

607. The normal distribution is_________?

A. Platykurtic
B. Leptokurtic
C. Mesoukurtic
D. None of these

608. The area under the normal distribution curve outside the interval of z=1 and z=3.09 is_____________?

A. None of the above
B. 0.1477
C. 0.1597
D. 0.3413
E. 0.4990

609. Mean deviation of Normal Distribution is_____________?

A. 45σ
B. 34σ
C. 78σ
D. 23σ

610. The median of normal distribution corresponds to the value of Z equal to_________________?

A. 0.5
B. 1
C. µ
D. 0


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