1061. The very word statistics refers to :

A. State craft
B. Science of state
C. Political state *
D. Political craft

1062. The word statistics is used as :

A. Singular noun
B. Plular noun
C. Both singular and plural noun *
D. Neither singular nor plural

1063. Which of the following is not an example of the functions of statistics ?

A. Average
B. Intelligence quotient( IQ) *
C. Diagram
D. X2 Test

1064. The administration of government is done through _________ which are formulated on statistical basis :

A. Effective planning
B. Budgets *
C. Policies
D. All of the above

1065. What are the two broad function of statistic methods in social research ?

A. Description and summarizing
B. Description and indication
C. Description and Induction *
D. Applied mathematics and induction

1066. Which of the following is a material for statistics ?

A. Honesty
B. Poverty
C. Wisdom
D. Numerical data

1067. What is the reason for dropping the enumeration process ?

A. Cost is prohibitive
B. Large efforts
C. Time consuming
D. All of the above *

1068. Statistics can :

A. Prove anything
B. Disprove anything
C. Nothing can be proven or disproved; it’s just a tool *
D. None of these

1069. Statistics are effected to a marked extend by :

A. Aggregate of facts
B. Multiplicity of causes *
C. Numerically statements
D. Complex manifestations

1070. Data is collected with reasonable standard of :

A. Numerical method
B. Feasibility
C. Accuracy
D. All of the above