531. If third moment about mean is equal to zero, then distribution is ______________?

A. Negatively skewed
B. Symmetrical
C. positively skewed
D. None of these

532. The variance of 4,4,4,4,4,4 is _______________?

A. 4
B. (4)2
C. 8
D. None of these

533. The sum of absolute deviations from median is _____?

A. Zero
B. Positive
C. Least
D. None of these

534. The shape of the symmetrical distribution is _______?

A. U- Shaped
B. J- Shaped
C. Bell- Shaped
D. None of these

535. If all values are same then the measure of dispersion will be?

A. 1
B. 0
C. Mean
D. Mode
E. Median

536. Check the consistency used _____________?

A. Coefficient of dispersion
B. Mean coefficient
C. Coefficient of variance
D. Q.D.

537. The standard deviation is affected by the value of every____________?

A. Relative Dispersion
B. Observation
C. Absolute
D. Items

538. First movement about mean is always equal to ___________?

A. S.D.
B. 1
C. Zero
D. None of these

539. ________ is the simplest means of dispersion?

A. Standard deviation
B. Variation
C. C.V.
D. Range

540. If variance iv standard deviation is minimum if the deviation taken from______________?

A. Mode
B. Mean
C. Average
D. G.M.


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