501. Range of 5,5,5,5, is ________________?

A. 0
B. 5
C. 25
D. None of these

502. The degree to which numerical data tend to spread about an average value is a________________?

A. Range
B. variance
C. Minimum
D. Dispersion

503. If y = bx + a the mean deviation of y is_____________?

A. S.D. of y
B. var (x)
C. S.D. of x
D. M.D.of x

504. Absolute sum of deviations is minimum from _______________?

A. Coefficient of variance
B. S.D. of x
C. Mean
D. Normal

505. Relative measure of skewness was introduced by _____________?

A. Rowely
B. Lack
C. Karl Person
D. Mode

506. In grouped data, the range is the difference between ________________?

A. Two extreme class boundaries
B. Two extreme class frequency
C. Two extreme class limits
D. None of these

507. Mean deviation is equal to 4/5 of the _________ manipulation?

A. Quartile deviation
B. Range
C. Standard deviation
D. Variance

508. The correct variance is define as the __________________?

A. varies of data P2/6
B. S.D. of data h2/12
C. M.D. of data h2/6
D. Variance of data h2/12

509. Mean deviation is always ________________?

A. Equal to S.D.
B. More than S.D.
C. Less than S.D.
D. Negative

510. The S.D. and variance are ____ of origine?

A. Multiplied
B. Variance
C. Change
D. Independent