1031. Qualitative characteristics religion,nationality,sex are called :

A. Variables
B. Frequencies
C. Attributes *
D. None of these

1032. Quantitative characteristics like weight of a person, examination marks, are called :

A. Variables *
B. Attributes
C. Frequencies
D. None of these

1033. A characteristic that may take on different values at different times ,places and situations is :

A. Attribute
B. Strata
C. Data
D. Variable *

1034. A collection of raw facts or related observations is called :

A. Data *
B. Variable
C. Strata
D. Attribute

1035. Any scientific experiment’s numerical results are called data.

A. Analysis
B. Emotion
C. Measurement *
D. Researches

1036. Quantitative characteristic includes :

A. Beauty
B. Intelligence
C. Eomotions
D. Data *

1037. The height of a student is 65 inches. This is an example of :

A. Discrete Data
B. Categorical Data
C. Qualitative Data
D. Continuous Data *

1038. State the nature of the variable in statement ; ” The weight of a players in a basketball team”

A. Discrete
B. Qualitative
C. Continuous *
D. None of the above

1039. A_ Variable isa variable whose values can theoretically take on an infinite number of values within a given range of values :

A. Discrete
B. Continuous *
C. Random
D. None of these

1040. The variable of interest is the number of students who eat in the university cafeteria. What kind of variable are you seeing?

A. A categorical variable
B. A discrete variable *
C. A Continuous variable
D. An explanatory variable