1141. ___ bar charts are commonly used for presenting time series data :

A. Vertical *
B. Horizontal
C. Component
D. Circle

1142. If you wish to display graphically the relationship of one variable to another , you might use a :

A. Pie chart
B. Table
C. Data matrix
D. Line graph *

1143. Frequency polygon is called :

A. Frequency curve
B. Histogram
C. Line graph *
D. Ogive

1144. If the researcher has identified the independent and dependent variables, the conventional rule for determining the direction of the percentages in a percentage cross tabulation is to:

A. Figure the rates toward the autonomous variable *
B. Process the rates toward the reliant variable
C. Perform an elaboration analysis
D. None of the above

1145. The data for an ogive is found in :

A. A relative frequency distribution
B. A cumulative frequency distribution *
C. A frequency distribution
D. A joint frequency distribution

1146. The following is the result of drawing a curve with upper limits along the x-axis and cumulative frequency along the y-axis:

A. Frequency polygon
B. More than ogive
C. Less than ogive *
D. None of these

1147. The series of observation which contains two modes is called :

A. Unimodal
B. Trimodal
C. Bimodal *
D. None of these

1148. Diagrams and Graphs are tool of :

A. Collection of data
B. Presentation of data *
C. Analysis
D. All of these

1149. To guarantee that the data are accurate and complete, the following procedure would be required:

A. Tabulation
B. Editing *
C. Analysis
D. Ordering

1150. Altering would likewise assist with killing irregularities or clear mistakes due to ___________ treatment :

A. Characteristic
B. Calculation
C. Arithmetical *
D. Tabulation