Statistics is a section of mathematics that manages the collection, interpretation, analysis and presentation of different numerical data. In other words, Statistics is a collection of quantitative data. Academic task offering 2000+ Statistics MCQs for the preparation of different schools, colleges, and universities examinations to get good marks. Solved statistics question and answer cover multiple topics such as basic statistics mcqs, sampling mcqs, probability mcqs, Probability distributions, correlation and regression analysis, sampling distributions Techniques, statistical inference, time-series analysis, data presentation mcqs, statistical software mcqs, index numbers mcqs, design of experiments mcqs, statistical quality control, random variables mcqs, Non-Parametric statistics mcqs – and much more. These statistic multiple choice questions are also helpful for the preparation of various interviews, entrance examinations, other competitive examinations, and jobs like PPSC Statistics Lecturer’s jobs, Statistical Officers, Data Entry Operator, etc. for all Experienced, Freshers and Students. Also, check MCQs on Agriculture here.

291. A sampling distribution is the probability distribution for which one of the following___________?

A. A sample
B. A sample statistic
C. A population
D. A population parameter

292. Non-random sampling is also called___________________?

A. Biased sampling
B. Non-prob.sampling
C. Less than sampling
D. Representative sampling

293. To purchase the fruit, we use the _________ sampling?

A. Systematic
B. Cluster
C. Stratified
D. Judgment

294. A list of sampling _________ is called sampling frame?

A. Point
B. w.r.m
C. w.o.r
D. unit

295. In sampling with replacement be t a sampling unit can selected________________?

A. Only once
B. More than once
C. Less than once
D. None

296. Sampling error can reduced by __________________?

A. Non-random sampling
B. Increasing the population
C. Decreasing the sample size
D. Increasing the sample size

297. The process of selecting sample from the population is called_________________?

A. Sampling process
B. Sampling unit
C. Sampling
D. Size

298. N – n/N -1 is called ___________ population?

A. Group
B. Finite
C. Un-finite
D. Correction

299. Probability distribution of a statistics is called_________________?

A. Sampling
B. Parameter
C. Data
D. Sampling distribution

300. Selection of s by the students to solve a paper is _________________?

A. Random sampling
B. Non-random sampling
C. Prob.Sampling
D. Sampling with replacement