451. Which of the following is not the property of binomial distribution ?

A. n is fixed
B. Has two outcomes
C. Trials are independent
D. Probability of success varies from trial to trial

452. The mean of hypergeometric distribution is:___________________?

A. Nk/N
B. N-k/n
C. nN/k
D. n+k/N

453. In hypergeometric distribution, the trial are:_______________?

A. Independent
B. Dependent
C. Collectively Exhaustive
D. None

454. In which distribution successive trials are without replacement:____________________?

A. Hypergeometric distribution
B. Binomial distribution
C. Poisson distribution
D. Geometric distribution

455. Each trial in Binomial distribution has:_________________?

A. One Outcome
B. Two Outcome
C. Three Outcome
D. Four Outcome

456. The index numbers are used to measure seasonal and cyclical variations in __________?

A. Commodities
B. Time Series
C. Whole sale
D. Realtives

457. The probability of success changes from trial to trial in:___________________?

A. Binomial distribution
B. Geometric distribution
C. Sampling distribution
D. Hypergeometrical distribution

458. The mean of binomial distribution is:__________________?

A. npq
B. np
C. √npq
D. √np
E. nq—√

459. In a binomial probability distribution it is impossible to find______________?

A. P(X < 0)
B. P(X = 0)
C. P(X > 0)
D. p(0 ≤ X≤ n)

460. Hypergeometric distribution has parameter:_____________________?

A. 2
B. 1
C. 3
D. 4
E. No