1121. If the class interval is 10-20 then midpoint of the class will be :

A. 10
B. 20
C. 15
D. 30

1122. A specialist is gathering information from four topographical regions assigned South= 1: North= 2: East= 3: West= 4. The assigned geographical locales address :

A. Qualitative data *
B. Label Data
C. Quantitative data
D. Either Quantitative or Qualitative

1123. Data that provides labels or names for categories of a like items are known as :

A. Qualitative data *
B. Label Data
C. Quotative Data
D. Category Data

1124. Data are grouped together in the _________ type of classification based on distinct characteristics like religion, sex, age, national origin, and so on.:

A. Quantitative
B. Qualitative *
C. Chronological
D. All of the above

1125. Which of the following is a methodical row-and-column arrangement of data?

A. Tabulation *
B. Component bar chart
C. Classification
D. Bar chart

1126. __________ is a process of summarizing raw data and displaying them one compact statistical tables for further analysis :

A. Statistical analysis
B. Data Processing
C. Tabulation
D. Bar chart

1127. The first step in tabulation is :

A. Foot note
B. Captions
C. Classification *
D. Source note

1128. A tabular method that can be used to summarize data on two variables simultaneously is called :

A. Simultaneous equations
B. A histogram
C. An ogive
D. Cross tabulation

1129. In a percentage cross tabulation , the total number of respondents or observations may be used as a/an_______ for computing the percentage in each cell.

A. Index
B. Centroid
C. Cell total
D. Base *

1130. Which of the following is written at the top of the table ?

A. Source note
B. Prefatory note
C. Title
D. Foot note *