1211. The value of an item which occupies the central position when the items are arranged in the ascending or descending order is :

A. Mean
B. Mode
C. Median *
D. None of these

1212. In discrete series, item having ________ frequency is taken as mode :

A. Highest *
B. Medium
C. Lowest
D. Average

1213. The point at which the less than ogive curve and the more than ogive curve interesect is the value of :

A. Mean
B. Quartiles
C. Percentiles
D. Median *

1214. The most frequently occurring number in a set of values is called the L

A. Mean
B. Mode *
C. Median
D. Range

1215. Which computing mean of grouped data , we assume that frequencies are :

A. Equitably conveyed over every one of the classes
B. Focused at the class characteristics of the classes *
C. Focused at the furthest reaches of the classes
D. Focused at the lower furthest reaches of the classes

1216. When mode is ill defined , it is calculated using the formula mode =_________-2Mean:

A. 2 Median
B. 3 Median *
C. 4 Median
D. 5 Median

1217. For a frequency distribution , What will be the value of mean if Median = 132.8 and Mode= 141.3?

A. 128.55 *
B. 125.55
C. 120
D. 122

1218. If mean is 48, Median is 47, Mode value will be :

A. 44
B. 45 *
C. 50
D. 49

1219. When mean= 20, Median = 30, Mode = ?

A. 40
B. 60
C. 50 *
D. 70

1220. A a general rule, the _________ is the best measure of central tendency because it is more precise than others :

A. Mean *
B. Mode
C. Median
D. Range