641. In pie-chart, the arrangement of the angles of the different sectors generally ________________?
A. Anti-clockwise
B. Arrayed
C. Clock-wise
D. Alternative

642. The graphs of the symmetrical distribution is _____________?
A. J- shaped
B. U- shaped
C. Bell- shaped
D. None of these

643. ____________ use the division of a circle into different sectors?
A. Frequency Polygon
B. Conversion Graphs
C. Sector Graph
D. Line Graph

644. In an open end frequency distribution either the _________ class limit?
A. First
B. Second
C. Last
D. Middle

645. The relation showing between whole and its components used chart is said to be ___________________?
A. Component bar chart
B. Multiple bar chart
C. Pie Chart
D. Simple Bar chart

646. A value get which divides a class into two equal parts is called _________________?
A. Class interval
B. Open interval
C. Size
D. Mid point

647. We get ________ dividing range by numbers of class interval?
A. Class boundary
B. Class marks
C. Mid point
D. Number of classes

648. In constructing a histogram which is to be taken along X-axis__________?
A. Class interval
B. Class frequency
C. Class boundaries
D. Class mark

649. Data arranging into rows and columns are called______________?
A. Frequency distribution
B. Classification
C. Table
D. Tabulation

650. A ________ is a heading at the top of the table describing its contents?
A. Footnote
B. Head note
C. Sub note
D. Title