1171. A frequency distribution’s mode can be represented graphically by:

A. Histogram *
B. Frequency polygon
C. Ogive
D. Frequency curve

1172. ________ is built by drawing vertical lines along the boundaries of the class intervals that are marked on the base line:

A. Frequency polygon
B. Histogram *
C. Line graph
D. Bar charts

1173. Following is a graphical record of a set of rectangles :

A. Histogram *
B. Frequency polygon
C. Cumulative frequency
D. Pie diagram

1174. Which one of the following graphs is used for a time series data ?

A. Histogram
B. Frequency polygon
C. Frequency curve
D. Histogram *

1175. If a histogram has a : it is said to be skewed to the left.

A. Longer tail to the right
B. Shorter tail to the left
C. Shorter tail to the right
D. Longer tail to the left *

1176. When a histogram has a longer tail to the right, it is said to be :

A. Symmetrical
B. Skewed to the left
C. Skewed to the right *
D. None of these

1177. ________________ are the most effective pictorial devices for comparing data :

A. Bar charts
B. Graphs
C. Pictograms *
D. Diagram

1178. When the aggregate and their divisions are to be shown together , the diagram used is :

A. Histogram
B. Pie diagram *
C. Bar diagram
D. Square diagram

1179. Circle diagram is also called :

A. Pie diagram *
B. Pictogram
C. Sectors
D. None of these

1180. The proportion of data indicated by the number of degrees in each section of 360 is :

A. Graph
B. Frequency curve
C. Pie diagram *
D. None of these